Season of Arrivals Badge Requirements in Destiny 2

All Season of Arrivals Triumphs in Destiny 2

The Season of Arrivals is now live in Destiny 2, and that means there’s more prep work to do with the oncoming threat of the Darkness. Players have more and more work ahead of them too. There are new weapons like Gnawing Hunger that you should try to get God rolls on. You could also work on some cosmetic stuff as well. The Season of Arrivals also brings in some new titles, like the Forerunner Title.

Continuing from previous seasons players will be able to earn some very unique rewards. This new Badge is the latest cosmetic addition to the game that shows you know what you’re doing when it comes to Destiny 2.

Season of Arrivals Badge Requirements

Here are each of the requirements for the PvE badge for Season of Arrivals this season. Bungie added the option of collecting this reward back after it was replaced with Trials of Osiris last season. Throughout each of these goals, you will be able to earn various Exotics and Legendary gear pieces throughout the season. Completing quests and earning these rewards will earn you the special badge that marks the player as a rather good player.

Note: As it stands, the badge does not list the dungeon weapons or armor as required.

Note: As it stands, the badge does not list the dungeon weapons or armor as required.

  • Enneagon Ship – Prismatic Recaster
  • Season of Arrival Armor
    • Holdfast Helmet
    • Holdfast Gloves
    • Holdfast Chest
    • Holdfast Boots
    • Holdfast Class Items
  • Witherhoard Exotic – Season Pass
  • Traveler’s Chosen Exotic – Exotic Quest
  • Exodus Exotic – Exotic Quest
  • Contact Public Event Weapons
    • False Promises
    • Whispering Slab
    • Hollow Words
    • First In, Last Out
    • Temptation’s Hook
    • Berenger’s Memory
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Settled Differences Emblem & Carminica Shader – Seasonal Crucible Quest

To unlock both the Engram and the Shaders this time, you only need to complete one task for each. There’s no more need to complete various steps for each one.

  • 1,400 Opponents defeated as a team
  • 3 Valor ranks
  • 10 Crucible victories

Long-Boy Special Emblem & Ruin Wreath Shader – Seasonal Gambit Quest

Fireteam members contribute toward progress. Wielding auras from Reaper and Collector sets grants additional progress.

  • 1,200 targets defeated
  • 6 Infamy ranks
  • 750 motes banked

Strike at the Heart Emblem & Vanguard Marshal Shader – Seasonal Vanguard Quest

Bungie has reduced the number of bosses and points needed to earn this, but has increased the numbers of enemies defeated in return.

  • 65 Bosses defeated in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 800,000 Points earned in Nightfall or playlist strikes
  • 850 Enemies defeated with Solar damage
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