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Starpoint Gemini 3 show off gameplay trailer

Starpoint Gemini 3 Announced

Starpoint Gemini is quite a complex franchise, and from it’s humble beginnings, LGM Games has managed to craft both a visually impressive experience, and an engaging game. I started my journey with the franchise in 2014 with the release of Starpoint Gemini 2, and fell in love with it from there.

Little Green Men Games and Iceberg Interactive crafted a wonderful little space sim with that game, on which managed to scratch a personal itch I had for space exploration and industry mixed in with some visceral combat.  Starpoint Gemini Warlords is a game I found myself going back to just recently ahead of the impending launch of Starpoint Gemini 3 in order to get grounded back into this increasingly convoluted beast of a space sim franchise. And I had quite a bit of fun doing that, and now I’m waiting eagerly for the next game, hoping that LGM can manage to deliver on the promise that they’ve setup for this new title.

If you’re paying attention, you have no doubt noticed the developer diaries for Starpoint Gemini 3 the site covered these last few weeks, the ones that promise a much richer narrative and more engaging gameplay, while also reducing the complexity of some mechanics to make the series more accessible to new players.

Check out the new trailer for the game above, if you want to see how the alpha phase of development is going. Said trailer reveals quite a bit of work that’s been done on the game, and it already looks pretty cool. One thing I noticed is the new cockpit view, which was absent from previous games in the series. The developers are also looking to streamline certain tedious mechanics. For one thing, you won’t have to dock to change weapon loadouts in Starpoint Gemini 3, which will speed up gameplay a bit.

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LGM is expanding the scope of this sequel too, as the player will be able to travel to two new star systems for the first time. The Gemini system is already impressively large in earlier entries, so this is set to be the most ambitious title the company has ever done.

The game will release some time in 2019, although no firm release date is set yet.

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