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Arma 3 releases Adapt, second campaign episode

Arma 3 releases second campaign episode Adapt

Bohemia Interactive has announced more details about their flagship shooter sim, Arma 3. The second episode of the three part campaign for Arma 3 is out. Arma 3‘s campaign is a story called “The East Wind” and consists of three episodes: ‘Survive’, ‘Adapt’, ‘Win’. The third episode is due in March 2014.

The newest episode of the Arma 3 campaign takes the role of a NATO Peacekeeper, Ben Kerry, and shows what happens to the poor soul after he gets trapped on the island nation of Altis. This new story is a bit more tense than the first episode as it forces the player to deal with a much stronger enemy without backup or resupply. The player has to choose between fleeing or engaging a stronger enemy with much better equipment.

The DLC also introduces some new audio tracks to the game. There’s 10 new ambient tracks in total, as well as two new English voice tracks for radio chatter. The immersion of Arma 3 is slowly getting better, and fans of the milsim are sure to enjoy it. In terms of other content, the patch also introduces some new vehicles, like the Wy-55 Hellcat helicopter, the FV-720 Mora IFV, and the MBT-52 tank.

You can check out the trailer for the new episode down below. You can grab the bit of DLC on Steam right now. But there’s also the the Arma 3 Digital Deluxe Edition (49.99 EUR/42.99 GBP/64.99 USD) includes digital extras such as the Arma 3 soundtrack, a 350-page tactical guide, maps of Altis and Stratis, and a Steam version of the original Arma: Cold War Assault. That’s available from Bohemia directly.

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