How to get the Eyes of Tomorrow Exotic Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2

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The Eyes of Tomorrow is one of the new Exotics added in the new Raids for Beyond Light in Destiny 2. The Eyes of Tomorrow is a new Exotic Rocket Launcher that can only be obtained by running the Deep Stone Crypt Raid.

To get the Exotic, you need to complete the Raid, but that means that you have to hope for a good roll. Drops are random so you have to hope you get the weapon first. Rolls on the perks are also getting randomized. Eyes of Tomorrow seems like a very rare drop, as the teams that have finished the mission have seemingly yet to get the rocket launcher. And it looks like that’s bad news, as players are terming this as one of the best weapons in the game.

And here’s why, as the Eyes of Tomorrow comes with the Eyes on All perk,  which makes it hit multiple targets per shot. That means it’s an incredible AoE weapon for Raids. It also comes with Smart Drift Control, Alloy Casing, and Fitted Stock. These perks allow for better accuracy and makes the weapon even more effective. You can take out up to four targets per shot with the right Perk combo. In terms of damage, the single target damage potential far exceeds that of One Thousand Voices.

Deep Stone Crypt Raids require a power level of around 1,200 to make it through, with most sources going for recommending 1.230 as a power level.

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