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WB drops Mad Max gameplay trailer

Mad Max Gameplay Trailer

The Mad Max game that was announced last month at E3 is getting a new treatment today. Publisher Warner Bros just dropped a new gameplay trailer for the project. Max Rockatansky returns to the nitro-truck filled wasteland in a new ride, with plenty of insane cannibals to take on. The titular character will be piloting the Magnum Opus, and the story will follow his exploits across the wasteland.

Warner Bros. is teaming up with developers Avalanche Studios to create a faithful gameplay experience which captures the tone of the source material. The game is apparently receiving support throughout production from George Miller, the original creator of the property. Sony veteran Cory Barlog has also been involved in the project at some point, although the whole thing is a bit muddy.

Development on the project has been suspected for years, with it being teased by George Miller all the way back in 2008. Although since then it appears as though progress had been slow up until the announcement at E3.

Being an open-world video game, you’re going to be doing a lot of trekking across sandy and dangerous terrain. There’s also various factions of lunatics and just plain desperate people looking to take you for all you’re worth and leave your for dead. As such, you’re going to need a pretty stellar ride to get from A to B. The Magnum Opus is your new vehicle, and players will be able to upgrade it throughout the story, making themselves more effective in combat.

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Check it out down below. Mad Max is due for a 2014 release date.

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