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Monster Hunter World continues to rake in cash for Capcom


Capcom has announced the full financial results for 3rd Quarter FY 2018 already today. And now they’ve released some slides showcasing projections for the future and some of the things that helped drive the most successful year Capcom has had in years.

Monster Hunter World alone sold more than 11 million units, which is nuts considering some people even made the argument that the game would fail by not being on the typical portable platforms that other games in the franchise are known fore.

And with the oncoming release of the paid expansion to Monster Hunter World, Iceborne, Capcom will likely be able to leverage that massive installed userbase to get another major windfall from the franchise. Iceborne is due in Autumn 2019 by the way, bringing a ton of new content to the lands of Astera. The expansion includes a similar amount of content to G-Rank or Ultimate expansions of previous games, so gamers will have plenty to have fun with when it finally comes out.

Capcom also released their projections for the next year as well, painting a very optimistic picture of the future, especially in relation to Monster Hunter World.

Capcom plans to sell a total of 25 million copies of games during the year by then, which is 600,000 more than the already exceptional results achieved the previous year.

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The predicted ratio of sales outside of Japan is a whopping 86.4%. 54.8% of those games are predicted to be sold digitally, while 70.4% are catalog titles, IE: released before the beginning of the fiscal year. Obviously, Monster Hunter World has the lion’s share of that.

All in all, it looks like 2019 will be another banner year for the Japanese game company.

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