How to upgrade the Cauldron in Valheim

How to get and smelt bronze in Valheim

The new Hearth and Home update just landed, and has added a bunch of new stuff to Valheim. You can use the new gear, armor and weapons to take on vicious new bosses. And of course, there’s tons of new stuff to make. Along with all of that, you also need new tools. There are a bunch of new cooking items to explore, for one thing. Players will find items like the Butcher’s Knife that offer some upgrades, then there’s things like the Cauldron in Valheim. Here’s how to handle this item that’s useful for crafting and cooking.

How to upgrade the Cauldron in Valheim

To unlock more recipes to cook inside the cauldron and to cook specific recipes, you will need to upgrade the cauldron in Valheim. This in itself has an upgrade path built-in, so you need to deal with that. The process of upgrading this tool is kind of involved, You need many different items to upgrade the whole thing.

The Cauldron is made from three items, each one of these has its own necessary parts. You will need to head around the various biomes of the game and find the items listed below to build each of the three components.

  • Spice RackThis first item is made from three dandelions, two carrots, five mushrooms, three thistles, and three turnips.
  • Butcher’s Table – The Butcher’s Table is made from two ancient bark, four corewood, four finewood, and two silver.
  • Pots and Pans – Pots and Pans can be earned by combining five copper bars, five iron bars, five black metal, and ten finewood.
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Gather each of these items and then combine them in the workbench to finish it all up.

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