How to get Sheep in Spiritfarer

How to get Sheep in Spiritfarer

The crafting, and all 90+ recipes in Spiritfarer, is fairly complex. With so many things to create, you’re going to need a lot of materials. One of the many food, fuel and other items in the game is wool. Which of course, you get from sheep. One of the quests in the game will have you hunting down a bunch of Sheep in Spiritfarer. You will find the questgiver for this task with the Lost Spirit on top of Mount Toroyama. The Spirit will ask you to find the sheep that has escaped the corral, and you need to retrieve them.

If you’re having trouble finding Mount Toryama, head west from the starting locales, and you should be able to find it.

Once you have unlocked the task you will be able to locate sheep out in the overworld. You just need to locate one and be sure to feed it. Yes, you will want to craft some food before heading out to hunt for sheep. Make sure to complete the quest by returning the first sheep you find to Mount Toryama first off though. That will then allow you to bring back any sheep you find later and shear them for wool.

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The basic process of getting Sheep in Spiritfarer is pretty simple to understand, but it’s harder to setup. You’re going to need to do some exploring to find them, then build out some basic infrastructure.

How to get Sheep In Spiritfarer

  • Build Sheep Corral
  • Head to Mount Toroyama
  • Rescue the lost Spirit’s missing sheep
  • Search for other sheep on different islands

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