Best Essence of Dawning farm for The Dawning in Destiny 2

Destiny 2 - Dawning 2021

Baking festive treats for the Dawning 2021 event in Destiny 2 is a big part of the new event. The Dawning is back in Destiny 2, which means it is time to bury every NPC in the game under a candy mountain. And you don’t have a magical unicorn to help you out. The Dawning 2021 recipes are very similar to previous runs of the event. Players must gather new items and then put them in a special oven to bake tasty items.

The Dawning event is one of those events that has a fairly simple setup, but a ton of depth. It’s designed to encourage players to explore the game, looking for many different crafting items. You’re supposed to spend time hunting down various confectionary items and combining them with Essence of Dawning to make various recipes. But the reality is, players just want to get it done ASAP.

Here’s that new Essence of Dawning exploit you can use to really speed this up. The exploit involves the use of a bug in Wrathborn hunts for Xillox the Wizard. When you slot in your lure for Xillox, you can reset it during the mission. If you kill the boss at the beginning and then reset the lure before the final boss, you get the Xillox lure back, and can then finish the mission. With the lure in hand, you can immediately get another one going.

This is much faster than manually hunting a new lure. You get 10 Essence of Dawning each time you do this loop. You need 15 Essence for each recipe, so it doesn’t take too long to get enough to make ends meet.

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If the Essence of Dawning exploit gets patched, there are a few other things you can do. For those free-to-play players that can’t get into Wrathborn hunts, you will want to focus on weekly bounties. Hit up Eva and bumrush through the bounties she offers. It will take a lot more time, but the reward is the same. Gambit or Expunge Missions are another option. These are quicker than most missions, and can be a huge help.

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