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Games with Gold November 2019 teased, more news coming next week

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Games with Gold November 2019 is coming, rather the announcement is. For those not in the know, Games with Gold is the monthly giveaway of free games that Microsoft gives to all Xbox Live Gold members. The effort has been running for a few years now, giving away both Xbox 360 and Xbox One games digitally every month in bundles of 4-5 games. Each month usually mixed in a bunch of different newer and older titles, with a decent sprinkling of AA and AAA releases in with various indie video games. And now gamers are waiting to hear what next month will bring in terms of free games, and we’re likely to get that reveal any day now.

As for what day the announcement will happen on, it’s not known and we can only speculate. Microsoft has been pretty reliable with the consistency of their reveals in 2019, giving us a bit of a peek into what they’re planning. Microsoft has chosen to make its big Xbox One announcements closer to the end of the month. This means that we’re very likely to see the news break on Monday at the earliest, assuming we don’t get an announcement this week.

Not to be seen sitting on their hands, Microsoft has given gamers something to do this week though.

For example, Rare and Microsoft have published some cryptic new updates to Sea of Thieves the open-world pirate adventure. The new updates include hunting even more artifacts, and unlocking even more glittery treasure. The new update adds yet another skeletal Here’s how Microsoft describes the new content available now in the game:

“Pirates must undertake Voyages to find Ritual Skulls, claim the Flames of Fate then band together to take down the Fort. Sloops, Brigantines and Galleons: it’s time for ships to raise their Alliance flags, work together and answer the call! The new Fort can be activated on demand as long as the in-game requirements are met, allowing players to take on this new challenge as often as they want. It’s a permanent new addition to the game that will remain available beyond October’s free content update.”

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