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Epic Games Store will finally have Achievements

Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store achievements have been on the roadmap for over a year. Many other platforms such as Steam have already had this implemented for quite a while. However, it looks like they are set to arrive pretty soon at the Epic Games Store. They explain in a tweet that certain games will now show achievements as you unlock them.

The Epic Games Store is finally getting a new feature. Epic explained in a tweet that certain games will now fully support achievements for the platform, allowing gamers to flex on their friends. Each game that has the feature will support a various number of tiers, ranked by rarity. So far the revealed system supports gold, silver, and bronze trophies that can be earned.

The changes to the Epic Games Store are still very tentative. As the platform has been undergoing a fair amount of work on testing over the last few months. Ever since Epic pulled down the roadmap that showed the plans they had, users had been left in the dark on what the plan was. Seeing Achievements is at least one small step in the direction towards progress. Although considering that the storefront has earned hundreds of millions of dollars in the last few months, it’s probably not a big deal that certain cosmetic features are missing.

So far, only Ark: Survival Evolved seems to have the support for Achievements.

The lacking features on the Epic Games Store have been a critique of the effort from its early days. Epic still lacks a formal shopping cart on the platform, although the horde of free games has helped lessen the backlash from its other less-than-beloved choices. That is mostly a reference to the really harsh backlash that Epic got for the rampant policy of timed exclusives.

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The Epic Games Store will roll out the feature over time, as they continually develop and improve the platform. And with the ongoing Summer Sale, there are plenty of reasons to check out the store. And with all of the free games being given away, the store hit 61 million monthly active users on PC.

Until then, The Epic Games store is holding a summer sale. The sale will run until August 6, and you can get your hands on some popular titles. Red Dead Redemption 2 has 20% off, Outer Wilds has 35% off, and Shadow Tactics has 85% off. Along with many more titles, the Epic Games summer sale is likely to be successful. Recently, the Epic Games Store hit 61 million monthly active users on PC. Perhaps, this was due to them giving away free games such as Civilization 6 and Grand Theft Auto V. Additionally, Rocket League will be free to play once it transitions from Steam to the Epic Games Store later this summer.

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