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Laser League is leaving Steam Early Access

Laser League

The multiplayer action sport titles from 505 Games and Roll7, Laser League is coming out of Steam Early Access to it’s full launch on May 10. Think of this as the gladiatorial combat game of the future.

The game revolves around a class-based multiplayer arena game wherein the arenas and the game itself is changing around you. Teams of three players try to use their Lasers to manipulate the arena layout and vaporize their opponents to score points. Laser League feels a fair bit like an interesting twist on Tron’s Light Bikes.

The arenas also change dynamically throughout a match, with 15 different powerups that can spawn around the arena, all with game-changing affects, there’s the potential for a lot of chaos in Laser League. To add even more erratic changes, each class can have one of 12 modifiers that drastically alter how each class plays in the game.

There are 6 different classes to choose from, including Blade, Ghost, Shock, Smash, Snipe, and Thief. You can customize your character with over 250 various items. Four stadiums and sixteen maps are also included in Laser League.

Check out the launch trailer below.

There will be a 40% discount on Steam for launch week (May 10-16). There’s also a $1.99 DLC pack called NewMotion Brand, which ncludes two new player models, exclusive laser patterns, along with some character portraits and other goodies.

Steam users can also get some exclusive bonuses upon purchasing the game. Seven additional maps, two stadiums, two new power-ups and six new modifiers will be available upon purchase.

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