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Capcom announces Resident Evil crossover for Monster Hunter World

Monster Hunter World Gets Resident Evil Event

The hardcore hunters of Monster Hunter have dug deep into the icy wastes of the new Iceborne expansion for Monster Hunter: World by this point. Hunting the new Elder Dragon like Velkhana might have been quite the challenge a few weeks ago, but the most hardcore players have the process down pat. The new Master Rank quests and goals have offered plenty of challenge, but in true Capcom fashion, they’re looking to put in something new to keep players logging in.

And to keep that trend up, Capcom has announced a pair of new content additions coming to the lands of MHW in the next few weeks. This time, we’re getting some series fixtures from other Capcom franchises as Claire Redfield and Leon S. Kennedy of Resident Evil fame come to help out the hunters of the Research Commission. The details are still a bit sketchy at this point, as we’re more than a month from the launch of this new event. Based on the teaser, which can be seen below, players who complete the collab event can unlock a special armour set for their male or female avatar styled after the iconic zombies of the source material. There’s a Mr.X Palico skin up for grabs too, which is awesome.

This new event joins the other roster of new events for Iceborne, all of which tie into the Master Rank added in the new expansion. And it certainly isn’t the first time we’ve seen gaming franchises cross like this, as The Witcher 3 got a very similar themed event a while back. Other iconic Capcom characters like Mega-Man and Dante have also made the journey into the realm of Monster Hunter in the past.

And since the new expansion is currently only out on PS4 and Xbox One, console-based fans are getting first crack at taking on some G-Virus mutations in Astera and beyond. But that’s not all MHW fans are getting to celebrate the first months of Iceborne being live. Legendary ape badass Rajang is making the leap into the foray, coming to the expansion as the first new monster to be added since the launch of the main content. The monstrous gorilla is coming to ruin your day on October 10th as a free title update.

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