How to recharge your healing injection in Hellpoint

How to recharge your healing injection in Hellpoint

Hellpoint is a pretty chaotic game. Over time as you spend more effort in combat, you’re going to take damage. You get a set amount of the healing items at the beginning of the game where you spawn at Embassy. At least it’s not too hard to heal when that happens. However, you only have a limited amount of healing in your healing injection in Hellpoint. The trick with this tool is to use it sparingly. There is a definite strategic requirement to using it in battle and out.

With only a few heals to each match, you need to be careful, if you use the healing injection too early, you will find yourself in trouble. You don’t want to be caught in combat and not have any healing left in the tank.

There is a way to recharge your healing, but it can be hard. When you trigger a heal, look at the icon on the bottom left of the HUD. There will be a red meter there that fills up. As you kill enemies that meter will recharge. When the meter fills, you have another healing charge available. So it can take a bit of work to get another charge in your healing injection in Hellpoint. Also, some weapons will refill them more quickly by adding to the charging mechanic.

As you play through each match, there will be multiple areas and phases to the fighting. As you fight your way through various enemies and areas, you may find some helpful items that make it easier to stack up on heals. Some items can also be used to spruce up the healing effect per shot. You may sometimes also find hidden areas and side paths with different enemies in them, it’s a bit of a value judgment if you want to hunt these areas before tackling bosses.

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Although most of the time you will be starting boss fights with less-than-perfect healing in place, as you may have to spend some healing items reaching the spot.

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