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Borderlands games getting full 4K remaster

Borderlands Games Remastered Editions Announced

So Borderlands 3 is definitely a thing now, as the recent reveal trailer from PAX East 2019 has shown us. But in the meantime until that epic continuation of the insanely tongue-in-check shooter series finally comes out, gamers will have a new quest to undertake. OK, well not a new one perse, more like an explosion filled sprint down memory lane.

That’s because Gearbox has also confirmed that a full remaster of the original Borderlands is on the way. Of crouse Gearbox isn’t settling for just updating the visuals and lounging at Tiny Tina’s teaparty, they’re going all out on this one. Both the Borderlands: Game of the Year Edition and The Handsome Collection have undergone a full 4K visual transformation, updating the cell-shaded visual style with a sleek new look.

We knew this was coming though, as an ESRB listing leaked it a while back, but it’s great to see that come to fruition.

Both of these games will be released as full remasters, with all the bells and whistles. There’s full HDR support coming as well to all platforms. You’re getting all of the addons, 4 player co-op in the console collection, and of course the base games if you grab this remaster too. These improved texture packs will effectively be available on every platform that has a Borderlands title that’s a mainline title in the franchise.

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Both the Game of the Year Edition and The Handsome Collection will be playable in 4K on the Xbox One X, PS4 Pro, and PC. Both will be available on April 3, which is the same day Gearbox promises more information on the newly-announced third game in the series. Owners of The Handsome Collection will get the remaster as an update, so no need to buy it again.

So if you somehow don’t already own these great games, this is the perfect time to snap them up. If you already have them, just wait for the texture packs, and of course Borderlands 3, to be released, if you can. Until then why not look below and see these new visuals in action.

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