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xCloud moving to Xbox Series X in 2021

Project xCloud Beta Begins

A lot of people are excited about the sudden growth of cloud-based gaming in 2020. And with the upcoming release of the Xbox Series X, it seems fans of console gaming are getting more reasons to be excited too. And not only the growth of a new Xbox console becoming more appealing to gamers, but Microsoft also has other plans for their own take on the service.

Project xCloud is gearing up to take on both the PC and Xbox Series X, after months of prep and testing. Currently, the service is in a limited phase of testing, and it has now been announced when a more public launch is coming. The Verge’s Tom Warren has revealed that the plan is to roll out a new version of xCloud for the Xbox Series X, and moving infrastructure away from the Xbox One as time goes on.

On launch though, xCloud will continue to run off of the server blades built for the Xbox One S and related consoles. Microsoft has said that the Xbox One S blades will remain and service for some time, and that the rollout of xCloud for Series X is gradual. They obviously want to avoid any technical issues and overloaded capacity.

Also, xCloud is said to be integrated to Xbox Game Pass “later this year,” which could lead to a new pricing tier. It could also be that xCloud will be added as an optional addon for Ultimate members.

On the other side of the market, Google is having trouble. Stadia had a really rough rollout. And now this month the Premier edition price of the hardware was dropped from $130 to $100. This may signal rocky roads ahead for cloud-based gaming.

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