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Crusader Kings 2 trailer unveils Jade Dragon DLC features


Paradox’s Henrik Fahraeus is fronting another Crusader Kings 2 video, this time providing an overview of the Jade Dragon DLC. The latest expansion comes out later in 2017, and will cost $15 USD.

This time the focus will be on China, and the mechanical focus will be on a new resource called “Grace”; representing whether you are in the Emperor’s good graces (or not). You can gain favour (Grace) by giving gifts. Once you have his ear, you can request things like specialists. Or, at the very top end, an invasion of one of your rivals.

The primary draw will be interaction with the Chinese Emperor. A new screen shows you who the current ruler of China is, their interests, and current policies. When the country is Open, it means trade will be flowing down the Silk Road.You can also make China more expansionist or isolationist with the right choices as well.

The Grace mechanic also affects what kind of political events can happen in a given game. The empire could enter a Golden Age or an age of strife in a Civil War.

If you happen to be really unlucky, the Chinese Empire may decide to mount full scale wars against western sovereignty. It’s also possible that rogue factions will break away from the will of the Emperor and attack the western powers.

Further cosmetic additions and mechanical changes are discussed in the video, below. Free additions include a playable Tibet, and improvements to the Silk Road. The DLC will also add a new Casus Belli called “Free Captives” (for when those pesky Vikings steal your spouse).

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