How to make an armor stand in Minecraft

How to make an armor stand in Minecraft

The armor stand is a simple construction with a lot of versatility. And as you play Minecraft, you might develop the urge to show off that favorite set of enchanted armor. This is where the stand comes in. It allows the player to place a set of armor on it and display it proudly. The armor stand is available in all versions of the game, on all platforms. So if you want to create a sweet armory for your base, here’s how to make an armor stand in Minecraft.

If you are playing in Creative Mode, you can find the armor stand in the decorative blocks tab located between the shulker boxes and the note block. So it’s very easy to spawn in.

It’s a very simple thing to build as well. In Survival Mode, you will need to craft the armor stand using six sticks and one smooth stone slab. Sticks are a very basic material that can be made form any wood plank. Simply use the crafting grid to create a nice supply of Sticks for armor stands or anything else.

Smooth Stone Slabs are a bit more difficult to get. You will need to mine some Cobblestone with a pickaxe. From there, place the mined stone into a furnace to cook it into Smooth Stone. Do this three times to get three pieces. Take the three Smooth Stone blocks and place them horizontally along the bottom row of the crafting grid to craft the Smooth Stone Slab.

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Take the six Sticks and Stone Slab and head over to a crafting table. Fill the top row with Sticks. The center slot of the second row also gets one Stick. the bottom row should have Sticks on the two outermost slots. The middle slot of the bottom row is where you place the Stone Slab. Confirm the craft and you get one armor stand for your trouble.

Refer to the image below for the layout in the crafting grid.

How to make an armor stand in Minecraft

Now that that’s done, take your armor stand and place it wherever you like. Place it down and decorate it with whatever you like.

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