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There are many different jobs in BitLife that you can take on. There are jobs about being a film star, or a politician. You can even get your hands on the levers of evil power and become a crime boss. This game has a lot of potential. If you’re a fan of economics, you can also chase a business-oriented job as well. There’s one job that’s part of the new Wolf on Wall Street challenge this week. Among all of the various tasks you need to finish, you even need to crash a yacht in BitLife. This won’t be easy. Keep reading to find out what you need to do.

How to crash a yacht in BitLife

Getting a boat is an easy part here. Once you have the massive amount of money, you need to hit up the Go Shopping menu and choose one of the boat retailers. You need to get a boating license to actually buy the thing. The yacht can be pretty expensive, so make sure ou have a few million dollars in your bank account first. Since you need $22 million to finish the challenge, keep in mind that you will need more than that at the end of the challenge.

Once you have your yacht, the next step is to take your boat out onto the water. Once that’s done, you can take the boat out for a spin under the Activities menu. Keep doing this until you end up sinking said boat. That can take time, so just keep doing the task until you get the event. You can find the option to take out the boat under the Assets tab, and then clicking the boat itself listed there.

You might also want to learn how to swim. Do this by taking on the role of a swim team member. You can join the Swim Team in High School as an extra-curricular activity. Do that, and you should have a much better chance of surviving the crash.

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Now, just wrap up the rest of the tasks in this new challenge. That’s all you need to do to get done with the Wall Street Wolf Challenge in BitLife.

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