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When is the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release date?

When is Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons coming out?

The next expansion to the popular MMORPG, Guild Wars 2, has been fully revealed. The developers have pushed out a new teaser and some minor details about the new content, and it’s not very surprising to see it stars dragons. Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is coming sooner than you think, but later than you hoped. So let’s talk about what to expect.

When Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons was first announced, players of the MMORPG were dead excited to get their hands on a new major expansion. The release was set to expand the personal story every hardcore GW2 player has fallen in love with, by adding tons of fresh content. The expansion did eventually get delayed and a lot of fans were disappointed. Things were looking a bit uncertain. Now, ArenaNet has come out with a new release date that’s been confirmed.

As of now, the Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons release date is set for February 28.

It was announced on March 12, 2020, and has seen only a glimmer of news since then. We do have some details though. There will be a new community-created event, for starters. Despite its name, don’t worry, the story of the MMO will continue past this point. We will just get some closure for other storylines in the game.

Check out that first teaser below.

So let’s talk in detail about what we know so far.

Two regions, Echovald Forest and Shing Jea, will be made as core and explorable parts of the game for this expansion. Those who are owners of Path of Fire will now be able to unlock new class abilities as well. A new set of maps are header to the game that will make progression in Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons very important. These are the new Skimmer mounts that can be earned in-game. To show off some of these new features, another trailer has been released, check that out below.

The hell year that is 2020 may have had an impact on its planned release date though. The game is set to finally debut on Steam this November, and since they want to get it out ahead of the next expansion, it’s happening soon. ArenaNet is bringing Guild Wars 2 to Steam ahead of the launch of its next expansion, End of Dragons. The release date for the new expansion is sometime in 2021.

Guild Wars 2 is available now on PC and Mac.

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