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Destiny 2 going from to Steam on September 17

Destiny 2: Forsaken

Destiny has been going through a lot of transitions and growing pains as a franchise, and the latest entry is no different. Destiny 2 first launched in September 2017 via Battle.Net on PC, alongside a console release on various platforms as well. The game was met with a fairly lukewarm reception for a variety of reasons. Some gamers appreciated the much more heavy focus on story-driven gameplay. Then there were other fans who hated the grinding and microstransaction elements. It’s a solid title, and Bungie has slowly been plugging away at it with new content and expansions.

The latest expansion, Shadowkeep, promises to bring even more story and shooter fun to Destiny 2 by adding in more quest lines and other goodies. And to get gamers hyped up for this new content, Bungie is even handing out some free stuff, at least to those who pre-order the new paid update. The pre-order bonus pack includes Two-Tailed Fox Exotic Rocket Launcher, as well as an exclusive Hive-themed Ornament. Both will be available when Shadowkeep releases.

With the upcoming launch of Google Stadia, the game-streaming service offered by tech giant Google, Destiny 2 will be rolled into the service as a free premium title. This is in addition to a base version of the shooter going entirely free-to-play. And the really great news is that the full premium version of the game is coming to the big boy of PC distribution, Steam. The Steam store page is already up in fact.

And don’t worry, players will be able to move their current characters, gear, and progress from Blizzard’s servers over to Steam in a simple process.

This whole thing comes after Activision split from Blizzard and Bungie earlier this year. After a partnership lasting more than 10 years, the companies parted ways. But with Bungie still retaining the rights to Destiny and their other IPs.

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