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Google Stadia set to reveal price and games library in upcoming event

Google Stadia

Ahead of the impending festival of insanity and hype that is E3, Google is getting in on the fun with a press event of their own. The giant company is bringing out the details fans and gamers have been asking for since Stadia was announced.

Google’s Stadia streaming service has generated a ton of speculation and news since it was announced earlier this year at GDC. The service will allow gamers to stream games directly to pretty much any device, and being able to use any controller they want. Google has even announced that the service will support accessibility options like the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

The service is even being speculated to be able to run AAA titles on hardware like phones and smart TVs, although this isn’t based on much, as rosters of games and compatible devices haven’t been confirmed. Although all that speculation looks like it’s about to change. Google has scheduled a livestream that will include the full details of the launch of the service. Press and gamers can expect to learn the game roster, price points for subscriptions, as well as details about supported platforms and such.

It’s great that the vague elements of Google’s marketing for Stadia are finally going to end. We all know that Stadia is a website offering streaming plans for some price point, although details have been left unclear. We don’t know if there will be different service tiers, although I wouldn’t be surprised if Google Stadia has multiple tiers that offer free games at higher tiers.

The service is being billed as a major new competitor in the livestreaming of games across the cloud. This cloud gaming service can allow gamers to steam a wide array of games direct to their devices. Apparently, the service can stream 1080p gameplay at 60 FPS over a 25 Mbps connection, which is cool, assuming you have reliable access to that kind of bandwidth.

Google’s Stadia Connect airs June 6 at 9:00 am PT. Google Stadia is due to release in 2019, although no firm date yet.

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