How to complete the Poison Ivy challenge in Hitman 3

Hitman 3

Hitman 3’s Redacted Challenges are some of the more difficult hidden objectives in the game. They appear to be simple, but can quickly turn frustrating. You need to normal scour levels for the hidden paths that lead to a given objective. This guide will help you complete the Poison Ivy challenge in Hitman 3 as part of the Dartmoor level.

The Poison Ivy challenge in Hitman 3 is pretty easy to get done once you know where to look, and how to prepare. You will want to start by bringing a lockpick into the mission from the start. There’s a greenhouse you need to get into for the challenge, and picking the lock is the best way to do that quickly. The other way to do it is to grab a crowbar from the green van around the back of the mansion. Either way, you will need to force your way into the greenhouse. It’s the one with boxes of wine beside it, like in the image below.

Find the crowbar in Dartmoor in Hitman 3

Getting the crowbar makes the mission riskier, as you need to be stealthy to not trip the alarm. You not only need to not be seen taking the bar, but also breaking into the greenhouse. You cannot be seen going through the broken glass with most disguises. The only way you can get into the greenhouse is with the detective disguise.

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Your goal when you get inside the greenhouse is the lab equipment. You need to convert the emetic poison into lethal poison to then use it to kill Zachary Carlisle. You will not be able to do this right away though, as you need to repair a broken part of the distillation equipment. You will need to grab a nearby wrench from that elaborate fountain and then return to the distillation equipment to fix it.

Now you’re ready to make the poison and complete the Poison Ivy challenge. You need to find the flowers nearby to the lab equipment. It looks like the plant with the serrated leaves is your target. Go over and interact with it to get the poison you need. Take that over to the distillation equipment and you can continue the mission.

Hitman 3 Poison Ivy Challenge

The flower you need to get the poison from

Once you’re ready to continue and have the poison you can continue on with the mission. You need to take out the target, but you have a few pathways to do that. As long as you deliver the poison to the target, you’re fine and have the 1,000 Mastery Points for completing the challenge.

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