How to get the Barrier Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake

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Final Fantasy 7 Remake brings back many minor and major characters for the story revolving around Shinra and their evil escapades. One of these minor characters is the AVALANCHE cohort of Cloud, Jessie Raspberry. Jessie’s story will likely play out very similar to the way it does in the original game, but it’s nice to see the role being expanded. During the course of the storyline in Sector 7, the players are given the option to talk to Jessie and be flirtatious or distant. One such instance can result in you getting a pretty useful Materia, the Barrier Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake.

Early in the game before one of the attempts on the reactor, Jessie will approach Cloud and ask him “Will you come back tomorrow night?” with a clear intent to take their relationship to something beyond friendship. Cloud has two options here.

If you choose Not Happening, Cloud removes her hands and brushes off her clear insinuations. Jessie reacts poorly, apologizing for being in your face about her intentions. As she leaves she says that Cloud will have to change his plans sometime, and leaves with a flirtatious wink.

If you choose No Promises, Cloud will say he will consider it and let Jessie know. The uncertainty is enough for Jessie to react excitedly and promise to make Cloud an amazing pizza. As Jessie leaves, she opens the door and tells you “pysch” with a wink.

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No matter what choice you choose, you get the Barrier Materia in Final Fantasy 7 Remake for your trouble. So your choice with Jessie is largely down to flavor and how you want to play Cloud.  The choice doesn’t impact Jessie’s decisions later in the game or have any other meaningful impact on the story, so play this decision however you want. Once the cutscene plays out, Jessie will leave and you will be rewarded the Barrier Materia.

Barrier Materia is one of many different gear addons in Final Fantasy 7 Remake. As you add AP to the item and use it in battle, it unlocks a variety of powerful defensive spells. Namely it unlocks Barrier, MBarrier, Reflect and Wall as you level up the Materia. For any support build with lots of MP, it’s pretty strong.

If you’re on the hunt for other powerful Materia, consider using our guide for where to get Summon Materia.

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