Where To Find Behemoth Horn In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

Is Final Fantasy 7 Remake open world?

Of the many different sidequests in Final Fantasy 7 Remake, some of them are actually quite difficult. One quest requires the player to bring back a trio of items, one of which is the rare Behemoth Horn. The Secret Medicine quest is a quest given to you by a Doctor near the Orphanage. He wants Cloud and the gang to bring him back three items: A Moogle Mortar, a Flower and a Behemoth Horn. Sadly, finding the Behemoth Horn In Final Fantasy 7 Remake won’t be easy.

The first of the three items you will come across is the Flower, its to the north of the orphanage in the small church. The other item that can be found in the local area is the Moogle Mortar. This can be found sometimes for sale at Moogle Store in the kids hideout. You may have to come back here several times to get the item though.

To get the Behemoth Horn, you need to take on another sidequest. The quest can be found during Chapter 14 during a section called 24. Subterranean Menace. Speak with Wymer in Evergreen Park to get the quest. He sends you to the underground Shinra Testing Facility deeper in the zone to hunt some monsters.

Where To Find Behemoth Horn In Final Fantasy 7 Remake

One of the quarry your after is the very dangerous Behemoth. Fighting this beast comes in phases as you have to attack both the upper and lower portions of the beast separately. Once you have dealt enough damage to the creature that it falls down, target the horns with everything in your arsenal. Try to save any limit breaks for the horns.

Make sure to bring the Barrier Materia to this fight and plop it into one of your characters. It’s helpful if you have one of the higher-level spells unlocked as well. The Behemoth is a monster that does a ton of physical attacks, so the MBarrier and Reflect skills will be really useful here.

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