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The Best POE Loot Filter Sounds for Ritual League

Best Custom POE Loot Filter Sounds for Ritual League

POE Loot Filters are incredibly important. Each loot filter is basically a giant XML file that ties into the Path of Exile game files and displays certain outputs when loot drops. By default, they can alter the color of item names dropped in-game, play custom sounds, and even spawn light beams to highlight rare items. These are incredibly useful for filtering out the trash when it comes to getting loot in the game. And since the developer has the name Grinding Gear Games, you can be you’re getting showered with a ton of it.

But what do you do when you pick a loot filter? How do you know which one to pick. You might want to alter the way things look, or filter out certain items you know you don’t want. Luckily there’s an entire community of developers and creators who publish loot filters with various customization options. You could also check out our guide for Loot Filters in Ritual League to learn more about these options.

How To Install A Custom Loot Filter & Sounds

The developers for Path of Exile have been augmenting the game and its loot systems for years. Ever since the release of patch 3.10 and Delirium League, custom sounds have been a big part of the experience. And now, you can add your own sounds that trigger when certain item types drop. You might want to alter your Loot Filter sounds to mimic other games, especially when very rare loot drops.

The default sounds are fine, but everyone wants to make things their own, and POE makes that very easy to do. When you have a filter pack you like, more on that below, you just need to install it.

Here’s the folder you’ll want to drop your loot filter & sounds into:

“Your Documents Path”/Documents/My Games/Path of Exile

Whenever you want to use custom sounds, you will need to make sure they are properly named.  You also need to alter the filter to use the custom sounds.

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Neversink, the author behind  FilterBlade, made this into a video tutorial. Generally, you will use FilterBlade to load a custom filter like the ones found below, then alter it to trigger with the custom sounds. Then you just place the filter file and sound files into the folder listed above. Make sure to toggle the filter via in-game options too!

FilterBlade also includes a ton of preset sound packs from various streamers in the community. Check the presets section of the main menu to see what options there are to make for your filters.

Some of the Best Custom POE Loot Filter Sounds for Ritual League

Diablo 2 Nostalgia by Thebaad

Diablo 2 is a legendary ARPG. The lead designer behind POE even credits it as inspiring the design of the game. By using the default loot and leveling sounds from Diablo 2, fans can be transported back to a magical simpler time. The filter is very basic, and includes all the item highlighting you need, with a healthy dose of nostalgia.

Download Link: https://mega.nz/#!IdklhA5A!wI3I1w7Z78bSMOFqVnOPYjhOr8Rpx6AFiOlAdIzrbZk

Binding Of Isaac Custom Loot Filter Sounds

The Binding of Issac is a game that many should be familiar with. It’s incredibly difficult repetition and endless customization is the roguelike that should appeal to Path of Exile fans. And for Ritual League, we’re even getting a sound pack that uses all the enemy sounds from the dastardly game. If you’re a fan of that dungeon-crawler, why not have it infect Wraeclast too?

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1QSiDkLj_QcYud05SFyuu-8OrfWNy-aij/view

Anime POE Custom Loot Filter Sounds

Listen up gamers, there’s a new filter in town for you nerds! Do you want to get some of your favorite anime characters into POE? Here’s your chance via a custom loot filter, complete with voice lines from various popular anime characters from the last few years.

Download Link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1ywZ_aMKlsVjRU5Nyu-5CBXhNRXyPgeCj

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