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Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer shows off planes and more

Microsoft Flight Simulator trailer shows off planes and more

The standard version of Microsoft Flight Simulator includes a wonderfully varied mix of different elements including dozen of planes and airports. The newest trailer for the game has just dropped for the flight sim, giving folks a look at what they can expect. Something to note about this new trailer is that it looks rather beautiful. The new trailer takes a deep look at some of the planes and locales that will appear in the game, check it out below.

But beyond just showing things off, the development team has revealed some details about the new game. This particular game will have a bunch of different versions, some including a premium price tag.

The standard, $60 version of the game comes with 20 planes and 30 airports, but there’s so much more involved in the game when you get into the premium versions.  Deluxe is $30 more for five additional planes and airports, and Premium Deluxe is an additional $30 for five more planes and airports.  It’s really weird just how expensive Microsoft Flight Simulator is. And there’s another layer to this madness. The only true jet in the game, the Cessna Citation Longitude, is reserved for the Premium Deluxe version. That’s going to total out to quite a bit of cash that you have to dole out.

So aside from the absurd pricing structure, there is some good news. We finally know more about the technical specs that will be required to run this beast, and what impact they will have. Thanks to the expanded multiplayer gameplay in this version, that’s where the good news ends. Players looking to take full advantage of the visual quality and multiplayer need a fair bit of a beefy build.

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The recommended high-end configuration is a second-generation Ryzen 7 or ninth generation i7 paired with an RTX 2080 and 32GB of RAM. And that’s without taking into account the multiplayer requirements. Those wishing to take part in the fun with buddies will want a 50 Mbps download speed at the top end. This is due in big part to the fact that map data is being piped into the game in real-time.

With this improved realism comes a bunch of adjustments to make the game more accessible as well, which is pretty nice.

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