How To Fast Travel In Cyberpunk 2077

How To Fast Travel In Cyberpunk 2077

Just like many modern RPGs, CDPR’s latest game is incredibly huge in terms of scale. Night City is broken up into various districts with a lot going on in them. Those districts are pretty sprawling, as they’re meant to reflect the urban chaos of a decaying city. Despite all the glitz and glam, this city is a nightmare. And without fast travel, this game would be a nightmare. There are times when you need to rush to another district to complete a Bounty or unlock some reward, and you don’t want to have to travel the distance manually. That’s where Fast Travel In Cyberpunk 2077 comes in.

How To Fast Travel In Cyberpunk 2077

When you want to go between the districts, you have to go to a certain point in each zone. You’re basically after the future equivalent of a taxi stand. You have to find the fast travel kiosks and select your destination to move between zones within Night City. Keep in mind that as the story progresses, some zones will become more dangerous or locked off as MaxTac takes over. You may have to work around that inconvenience.

The key is to use the map and find the little blue arrows that denote these taxi stands. They’re kind of small and hard to see, and CDPR should probably make them more noticeable. But once you’ve learned what to look for they’re easy enough to spot. You won’t have access to them right away though.

Once you have been introduced to the Ripper Doc and have your first implants, the game lets you explore a bit more. That’s when you’re more free to explore the city and see what it really has to offer. Once this happens, seek out the fast travel nodes and walk up to them. They should unlock by proxmiity. From there, you can use them to travel to drop-off points in any other unlocked district.

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