How to complete the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife

Another week over, another challenge unlocked for the week in the mobile life sim BitLife. Whether it’s becoming a legendary superhero, or a matchless general from history, this game sure loves its in-game challenges. Players are constantly expected to complete some convoluted tasks to earn special badges and other rewards. This week we have something a little more modern though, as CandyWriter wants players to become a superstar by completing the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife.

How to complete the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife

Here are the basic requirements for the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife:

  • Be born in Korea
  • Become a K-Pop artist
  • Get a million subscribers on YouTube
  • Achieve 100% fame
  • Have a son named Wonho

How to become a K-Pop Singer

Just like trying to become a singer or other musician, the process is pretty similar. You do need to do a few things first to qualify for K-pop specifically. Firstly, your character needs to audition for their career in Korea, so that means being born in South Korea for starters. This will make things easier.

The next thing to do is train. As soon as six years old, you can start taking vocal lessons. You can do that by going to the Mind & Body tab in Activities and scrolling down to voice lessons. Your parents will need to pay for them at the start though, so it helps to have a wealthy family and a good relationship to make that easier. Practice as much as you can in the Activities tab while growing up. Keep your grades and when you age up to 18, you should be ready.

Your goal is to get the vocal skill bar most of the way full and do it reliably so. If you need more lessons, you will need to pay for them at 18, this is much harder. You will have to balance working and practicing if your skills aren’t ready to audition yet, so be prepared for that.

When you reach at least 90% voice skills, go to the Occupation tab and scroll down until you see Special Careers. There will be an option there to try out for musicians and vocalist positions. Look for a major pop label that’s looking for a singer, and try out, you should get the job if your skill is high enough. Keep in mind that you need to be unemployed and not at university to audition.

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Special Note: If you’re on Android, the path is different, you need to focus on becoming a Dancer in the special careers path, and then move over to becoming a famous singer. iPhone users can jump directly into the K-pop track. Android owners will have to work their way into it.

Once you have a K-pop career, it’s time to move onto the next step.

Growing you social following and increasing your fame is the most laborious part of this.  First you need to make an account for the website YouTube. Go into Assets and then Social Media. Tap on the sign up for YouTube option. This will create your account and you’re ready to begin. The fastest way to get to the top and complete the challenge is to use the option to Buy Subscribers in your YouTube menu, while also posting videos all the time. Keep buying Subs and making content and you will eventually get there.

Once you max out fame and hit the required number of YouTube subs, it’s time to finish up. You need to get married and birth a son, name them Wonho to finish the challenge.

Tips and Tricks

Try to get the Music Special Talent. This passive ability will boost the skill you gain in a musical or vocal profession as you train up. The Music Special Talent is essential in the pursuit of becoming a pop star. If you notice that the bar is filling up to the green more often than not, it’s a solid indicator that you have the talent. You might want to consider restarting with a new character if you don’t get the Talent, as it can make the K-Pop Challenge in BitLife much simpler to complete.

Increase your fame by appearing in commercials and magazines, this is the most reliable way to build up star power as a singer or other musical artist. Combine this with YouTube content to help speed the process up.

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