How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

The Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife is the newest weekly event in the life sim. The newest event has you literally taking the place of one of the most notoriously iconic generals of history. A man shrouded in equal part history and myth. The players who want to take on this challenge have quite large shoes to fill. Here’s how the developers of the game describe this nonsense:

Becoming the most notorious emperor of Asia will be the challenge of your lifetime and the death of those who stand in your way. The challenge ends in four days from the time of writing this post.

How to complete the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife

This is probably one of the more complex challenges we’ve seen as it has a lot of steps involved. Here are the requirements for the Genghis Khan Challenge:

  • Live in Mongolia
  • Become a general in the army
  • Own 10+ horses
  • Father 10+ children
  • Murder 3+ people

Starting in Mongolia is easy enough, but it’s the other steps that pose a tough thing to overcome. At least you don’t have to live in a Yurt your entire life to complete this one. tart a new life and select Mongolia from the country options to begin. To get into the military, make sure to keep your physical stats up, as they’re seemingly important for doing well during your services. You will also need to get into college, so keep those grades up.

When you age and graduate high school, go to college. Your major doesn’t matter too much, at least not for completing the challenge.  Graduate and join the military once that’s done. You will want to move into the officer track via the Occupation menu when you leave college. Once you’re an officer, it’s just a matter of completing several years of these military deployments until you’re given the general rank. During that time, make sure to save as much money as possible.

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The next step is to buy 10 or more horses. You need to first buy an Equestrian Property from the Real Estate menu, and then head over to Activities and Pets, and the option for Horse Ranch should now be unlocked. Just start buying up horses until you get 10 or more and you’re done with this part.

Having 10 children is probably the hardest part. You will want to hyper-focus on getting relationships with as many people as possible and having a ton of kids. You cannot adopt children to complete the challenge as far as I can tell.

Murdering is actually stunning easy in this game. Just go to the crime menu and pick an acquaintance to murder. You don’t have to avoid prison or anything, although it helps not to get caught as you need to get 3 murders to complete the challenge.

There you go, complete all these steps and you will have finished the Genghis Khan Challenge in BitLife.

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