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How to get Medjay Predasite Tag in Warframe

How to get Medjay Predasite Tag in Warframe

In Warframe, you will need Medjay Predasite Tags to rank up with the Entrati Syndicate. This means you’re going to need to go hunting. These beasts are kind of rare, so getting a random spawn isn’t guaranteed. There is a method to hunt them down through some gold ole conservation. For starters, they are only active during Vome cycles, so start there.

Prep Work

You need to bring a few tools to get the Medjay Predasite Tag. For one thing, you need the Tranq Rifle for 500 Standing. Next you need to grab a Predasite Echo Lure from Son for 1000 Standing, and finally, you will have to have some Predasite Pheromone Glands. These single-use items cost 150 Standing and are vital for getting the animal to spawn once you track it.

When you’re tracking it back to the nest, and trying to shoot it, it helps to bring a stealthy Waframe with some kind of invisibility for any hunt.

How to capture a Medjay Predasite

You will need to start by acquiring both a Tranq Rifle and some Predasite Bait, these two will run you 1,500 Standing. Once that’s done, head out into the Cambion Drift. Now get out your Tranq Rifle and switch to the Predasite Echo Lure. This will trigger the tracking mechanic and the Predasite trails should show up from there. Be mindful of the piles of excrement they leave behind, as these are toxic, and should be avoided. This will lead you to the Nest where they can spawn. The place you’re looking for looks like pink rocks, and it stands out against the ground.

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Get to the nest and use the Predasite Pheremone Gland, this will increase the chance that the right animal will spawn. Once that’s done, pop the Echo Lure for the Medjay Predasite and hopefully it spawns. Be ready to switch to the Tranq Rifle and pop off two shots. It will take two hits with the Rifle to down the Medjay Predasite. If you’re quick and lucky, you should be able to get a Medjay Predasite Tag and the Kubrow itself.

When you get the Tags and the capture, you will see the normal conservation popup. To craft the Medjay Predasite companion, you need to capture Weakened Medjay Predasite specifically. The new Kubrow sub-speciies is an Infested variant, and has some very unique Mod choices.

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