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How to get Loot Bags in Pet Simulator X

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Pet Simulator X is one of many weird, and strangely very fun, Roblox games. Roblox’s number one pet collection game, Pet Simulator X, has just released the Bank Update on Dec. 4, 2021. The update adds a new banking function, as well as some gameplay elements. Players can now share their pets around the servers, offering a way to trade. Gamers can also get their hands on an interest-generating method for their in-game currency. One of the other things added in this update are Loot Bags in Pet Simulator X.

How to get Loot Bags in Pet Simulator X

Loot Bags are a new reward offered for players in the game that play through and explore. To get a Loot Bag in Pet Simulator X, you will need to break open things like coin piles, chests, vaults, or presents. The contents of the loot bag are dependent on RNG, so you can’t really predict what’s coming out of each one. You could get Coins, Diamonds or even a new pet. Most often, they will contain some kind of in-game currency.

The intent is to reward players who don’t just sit AFK collecting rewards, so get out there and break open chests to find some sweet bonuses. And if you’re playing to very high levels, you seem to get more loot bags. So play in high-level zones to get more Loot Bags in Pet Simulator X. You could also encounter the very rare loot boxes, these have red bows on them to mark them.

There are different rarity tiers as well. If you are extremely lucky, you might just find yourself a rare Loot Bag. No word yet on what these contain for sure, but some suspect unique skins or pets might be in the drop table. You can tell a loot bag’s rarity by looking at the band on it. Here’s a breakdown of the rarity by color:

  • Blue band, no sparkle – Basic Loot Bag
  • Red band – Rare Loot Bag
  • Purple band, lots of sparkles – Super Rare Loot Bag
  • Box with Red Bow – Loot Box
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