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Path of Exile 3.10 Skill Teasers

Path of Exile 3.10, Delirium League

GGG has just announced the 3.10 Challenge League Rewards for POE, but the fanbase always wants more. The developer has been firing out the Path of Exile 3.10 skill teasers, showing a variety of new and reworked skills within the upcoming league content. The players have also been given a minor taste of the new endgame content, as well as some awesome changes coming to the Passive Tree.

Look below for a breakdown of the Path of Exile 3.10 skill teasers, new Notable Passives, and even some information about the new Cluster Jewels.

New Skills in Path of Exile 3.10

GGG has already teased some of these changes, new skills and the like, so we’re going to go into the rest of them and break down how various skills are changing in Path of Exile 3.10.

The first batch of new skills may well inform the meta-game this league, as it looks like Wand-based tweaks and other new skills are shifting the meta towards a Spellcaster-heavy build spread. These new skills are Arcane Cloak, Stormbind and Archmage Support.

Arcane Cloak is a new defensive layer for Spellcasters that offers a Mind over Matter style buff. This new skills reserves a portion of your Mana pool and uses that to absorb up to 75% of all damage from attacks based on a ratio of the Mana used. While the buff is active, you also gain additional lightning damage to your attacks along the same ratio.

Stormbind is a new high-level channeling skill that combines spells and mine-based gameplay. As player channels, they spew out Runes. These runes are a great source of DPS, as when you stop channeling, all of your Stormbind Runes explode and deal lightning damage. Players can also make use of these Runes to inflict various status ailments.

The other new skill in this bunch is Archmage. The spellcaster support offers players the option to increase the potency of any spell that deals damage with hits and has a mana cost. The player gets a scaling buff to DPS with more mana being used to cast the supported spell. It has a higher base Mana cost, but also grants another minor buff to lightning damage as well as a result of being linked to Archmage.

These new skills were shown off in a new trailer, see it below.

The developer also teased other magic skills as well. Kinetic Bolt, Spellslinger and other Wand improvements to the spellcaster archetype are on the docket for POE 3.10 as well. Check out some of these Wand-based skills in the trailer below.

Grinding Gear Games also revealed a new feature in Path of Exile 3.10 that will randomly allow players to swap between Portal effects, it’s a really minor and mostly inconsequential change, but it’s still nice to break up the monotony. The feature was shown in another trailer, seen below.

Want more Delirium Teasers? Check the official site!

Cluster Jewels and Other Path of Exile 3.10 Additions.

Other additions coming to the ARPG in the Delirium League patch include some new major shifts to the Passive Tree. The most notable change is that players will have access to new unique Cluster Jewels. These random bits of loot can be socketed into the Passive Tree to unlock new notable clusters that give unique buffs to the player. And of course, there’s the minor rework of the Atlas of Worlds.

Cry Wolf
30% Increased Warcry Duration
Warcries count as having 10 additional nearby enemies
30% Increased Warcry Buff Effect

This Warcry notable has great synergy with Berserker’s War Bringer and passive notables like Words of Glory and Battle Cry. This combination can result in very effective Warcries even against single targets. The little passive nodes leading up to Cry Wolf also seem to give 15% Increased Warcry Buff Effect, which is also efficient.

30% Increased Lightning Damage
Your Shocks can increase damage taken by up to a maximum of 60%
30% Increased Effect of Shock

The Lightning damage scaling within this cluster is interesting, but not OP. Shock application against bosses, thus leading to more overall DPS, is a nice change though. Builds running the various Lightning skills could want to make use of this for that reason.

Touch of Cruelty
Chaos Skills have 10% chance to Hinder enemies on Hit, with 30% Reduced Movement Speed
Enemies Hindered by you take 10% Increased Chaos Damage

A minor chance to hinder and thus slow your targets is a very situational change. Players running certain melee or AoE builds might find minor use from this, but the combined Chaos scaling is a bit weird, as most melee builds are scaling physical or some elemental damage other than Chaos.

The Interrogation, Small Cluster Jewel
Cannot Ignite, Freeze, Chill or Shock
Critical Strikes Inflict Scorch, Brittle and Sapped

The status augments in this Cluster are combined with the changes to the core mechanics to make Scorch, Brittle and Sapped viable alternatives. Players who deal a status of these kinds will inflict a penalty to the enemy resistance to the relevant elemental resistance. For those POE builds scaling elemental damage, these are rather powerful.

The Eldritch Decay, Divination Card
Uber Elder Fragment

A new divination card that can be turned in to claim pieces of the Uber Elder set. Farming it might be pretty hard though.

Fasting, new Cluster Jewel notable
20% Increased Flask Charges Gained
20% Increased Movement Speed while under No Flask Effects

A wonderful buff to anyone not playing the Pathfinder Ascendancy. The speed buff is great for moving between packs, and the increased uptime of Flasks is super helpful for everyone.

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