What Is the Level Cap in Diablo Immortal?

Diablo Immortal Mobile Game Announced

Diablo Immortal is here, and bringing the slaying of legions of demons to a new generation. With it being a mobile-first title, there’s some concern over how deep the RPG mechanics actually are. And with this franchise, in particular, there has always been some expectation of deep RPG loot systems and build variety. That may continue to be the case in this new game, let’s talk about it.

Diablo Immortal is a mobile free-to-play game and will take place between the events in Diablo II and Diablo III. So with the iconic setting getting a new story, lots of fans want to jump in on the fun. Back during the disastrous reveal of the game, Blizzard said the game was a mobile-exclusive title. We now know that the game will remain on PC and mobile phones for the time being, despite some hopes from fans otherwise. Fans also hoped for a more robust gameplay experience compared to the typical shallow mobile games of the last few years.

What Is the Level Cap in Diablo Immortal?

This new game borrows a lot from Diablo III, as there’s a basic level cap, but it expands quickly beyond that. Players will be able to ascend beyond the level cap in Diablo Immortal, but only in very specific ways.

When you first start the game, you start at Character Level 1. This is your basic level, which you grow by gaining XP received from completing quests and defeating monsters. The current max level is capped at Level 60. That’s a bit lower than the Level 70 found in D3. Those of you who played the previous mainline game will know the next step very well, Paragon Level. Yes, Paragon Level is back. Players will continue to earn XP from each thing that they do, but it’s converted into Paragon Points.

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Each class in Diablo Immortal is attached to a specific Paragon tree. You can then spend these points in a few key areas. So for a Barbarian, you can increase Attack Speed. Movement Speed and a few other key build areas. Each class has four core stats that are affected by Diablo Immortal’s Paragon system. There are hundreds of levels you can unlock here, and you can focus your builds as you desire.

As you unlock more Paragon levels, you can unlock more powerful abilities for your build as well. At the moment, the highest Paragon Level you need to be to access all of the Talent Trees is 150, but there are more Talent Trees that will be added to the game soon. Blizzard will also likely release expansions that add new zones, requiring a higher tier of build power to complete. The future holds a lot of potential.

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