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What are Judgement Points in Warframe?

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Rathuum is a Grineer Arena mission hosted by Kela De Thaym on Sedna which pits players against various bosses and enemies. There are three main nodes that this system applies to, with three nodes offering a degree of higher challenge. Higher-level nodes award more Judgement Points on successful completion, but also require a minimum number of Judgement Points to enter. The Judgement Points in Warframe can be earned by completing the basic nodes first, and then used to access the higher-level nodes.

When you enter a node, you get plopped into a random fight that has its own enemy types and a variety of different conditions. Each Rathuum fight also has various modifiers on it. Being able to know what to expect from a fight will be a huge help in being able to overcome the fights you’re bound to face. Here are each of the modifiers and their effects.

  • Half Energy – Players’ maximum energy reserves are reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
  • Half Health  – Players’ maximum health is reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
  • Half Shields –  Players’ maximum shields is reduced by 50%, after taking mods into account.
  • Health Drain – Players will lose 100 points of health every 5 seconds, until they are at 1 health. Killing an enemy will instantly restore the player’s health to full.
  • Low Gravity –  Gravity is reduced, affecting all airborne Maneuvers.
  • Quick Respawn –  Enemies and Players will respawn in 2 seconds, as opposed to 8 seconds.
  • Reduced Ability –  Duration Players’ Ability Duration is significantly reduced to 25%.
  • Reinforcements –  Increased number of Executioners in battle.
  • Scaling Enemies –  The levels of the Enemies go up each time they are killed, increasing their durability and damage.
  • Speed Boost –  The sprint speed of the Players is significantly increased.
  • Tougher Enemies –  Enemies’ health and armor are increased by 50% on <60 levels and 100% on >60 levels
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How to earn Judgement Points in Warframe

There are three missions within the Arena, each with its own level requirements.

Node Level Points to Enter Points Won
Nakki 40 0 10
Yam 60 10 15
Vodyanoi 85 15 25

Each node fight is against a set of Grineer NPCs called Executioners that offer some tough resistance, think of these like mini-bosses. Being able to triumph over these fights will earn you some basic rewards, and it’s pretty worth farming them if you’re a completionist and want all the mods in the game. You can earn a variety of rewards for completing a node and successfully defeating an Executioner.

Rewards from Judgement Points

Credit and Endo caches can be earned as a basic reward. You can also earn some Forma which is very useful for upgrades. The basic rewards like credits and Endo are very common, although there is a higher tier of rewards. There are a few unique modes you can earn, although these only drop with a 0.34% chance, so you’re going to have to do some farming.

Mods you can earn in the Arena

  • Crushing Ruin – Hammer Stance
  • Decisive Judgement – Ninkana Stance
  • Final Harbinger – Sword and Shield Stance
  • Stalking Fan – Scythe Stance
  • Vemillion Storm – Claw Stance
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