How to get Mega Candy in Pokémon Go

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A new set of datamined APK data has revealed what’s coming to Pokémon Go soon. Most of the information we have comes from the Pokéminers datamining group who has been posting what they learn from the Pokémon Go code on Reddit. Mega Evolutions and the Mega Candy in Pokémon Go are the focus of the newest patch, and are about to shake up the metagame in a big way.

Since the feature isn’t fully in the game yet, things are still a bit of a mystery surrounding both the Mega Evolutions and the Mega Candy in Pokémon Go. And with players about to get into a big rush to get their hands on it. So it’s a very good idea to know how it works before it comes into the game.

A Pokémon capable of Mega Evolving cannot remain in this state forever. The Mega Candy in Pokémon Go will be very much necessary to keep the state going. By feeding a monster the item, you can prolong the superpowered state up to a certain maximum length. Each activation of the item has a cooldown, and each time you activate it the item will expire after a time. When their cooldown expires, you have to activate it again to push the Pokémon back into a Mega state.

The update that adds both the feature and the new items will tie new Mega Raids into the game too. The Mega Raids will be the primary source of Mega Candy, as you have to complete then to earn the item. New Mega Badges and Event Badges will bring the challenge to a new level of boasting as well. Some quests will also reward the items in events and other circumstances presumably, although details are sketchy.

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The new Mega Candy item is still a big mystery, but it’s about to cause a big stir in the meta. However Niantic puts the new thing into the game, it’s going to be something that hardcore players will want to rush to get into their inventory.

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