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Atlus shows that Persona 5 Royal is off to a strong start

Persona 5 Royal

According to a new report from Atlus, the Persona franchise has gotten a breath of fresh air in Japan. Persona 5 Royal has sold approximately 400,000 copies since its launch in October. The game is going strong for a late game in a long-running franchise, so that’s good news for Atlus and Persona. Pretty good for a 20-year old franchise.

In terms of specific numbers, Atlus has some good news for the whole franchise too. Persona 5 Royal launched on October 31 in Japan and has sold about 400,000 units for the PlayStation 4, Atlus revealed. In addition, Atlus said that the original Persona 5 has surpassed 3.2 million copies in lifetime sales worldwide. Atlus also announced that the Persona franchise has now sold over 11 million games and assorted products in over two decades. This growth and stability in terms of sales is due in no small part to the engaging game mechanics of the franchise.

Persona 5 Royal is the enhanced version of the original Persona 5. There’s a ton of new content here. The new version got an extra semester worth of content. In a blitz of gameplay trailers, Atlus also showcased other new features. For starters, there are new social elements and some tweaks to combat. The social elements of the game also include new story beats and some characters too. The goal here was to amp up the challenge, and it seems like the developers succeeded.

There has still been no formal confirmation of a full Western localization of Persona 5 Royal. This hasn’t stopped fans from hoping for one though. Pre-orders for other localizations are already live. The version being marketed on  PlayStation Store Asia, includes English, Chinese, Korean and other languages as subtitles. There has also been a version of the JRPG rated in Australia, further cementing rumors of a Western release.

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