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What are Unusual Coins in Guild Wars 2

Guild Wars 2 End of Dragons Guide

Guild Wars 2: End of Dragons is finally here, and with it comes a ton of new stuff to explore. And with the new expansion comes a mountain of new content. Players can take to the waters in new ways, with boats and fishing being big parts of the new setting. Beyond that, there’s so much more content to find. The MMO continues its trend of including dozens of quests and repeatable events to help lure players in. And as you explore, you’re sure to find hidden chests and other interesting locales.

As you find hidden item caches in the region of Canthan, you’re sure to wonder what’s inside. These hidden chests work very similarly to their variants in other regions. Players can crack them open to gain various rewards, including Unusual Coins in Guild Wars 2. There are map-specific currencies that are only usable in certain areas, as well as things like PvP currencies that need to be traded for rewards. Players can also make use of tons of crafting items. Unusual Coins in Guild Wars 2 fall into the category of one of these special currencies.

What are Unusual Coins in Guild Wars 2

Opening these chests, 50 in total, will earn you the Master of the Unseen Achievement. You can also get some other crafting items. Finding the chests is the hard part. Look for those surrounded by blue light and obviously glints on the wind. You can also find Unusual Coins in Jade Tech Chests, which require a Jade Bot and 1 Charge to open.

These special coins can be spent at certain merchants in the new map, claimed from the likes of Chin-Hwa. Look near the Daigo Ward Waypoint to find them. They have recipes for new crafting items and more in stock for these coins. The new Canthan armor sets are quite powerful as a stopgap for Ascended gear, so see what you can get your hands on by playing the game. These new crafting recipes offer a new goal for the collectors to chase, and a potential new meta-game shift in PvP—when combined with other changes.

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But if you’re on the hunt for actual Ascended Armor, you can get that too.  Each Ascended Armor stat set can be pretty powerful, so why not get this new one as well. The Unusual Coins can be traded at various merchants for armor with the  Harrier’s Monastery stat set, including the following stat focuses: Power, Healing and Concentration.

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