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Atari VCS preorders available starting May 30

Atari VCS Console

Today, Atari announced that its upcoming hardware platform, the Atari VCS, will be available to pre-order starting on May 30, 2018.

Gamers can only get the new mini console from IndieGoGo at this time.

There are two color variations that are available, he Onyx version features a simple black finish, while the retro-inspired Collector’s Edition features a wood-front, not unlike the iconic Atari 2600. The wood finish version is a limited edition that has a short availability window, so get in now.

Aditionally, if you sign up now, you’ll opt-in to insider updates via e-mail from the manufacturer. These include some special offers that could feature discounts on the hardware.

And you’ll want to get one as soon as possible, because the early-bird price of $199 won’t last forever. And at some point that price will go up. Prices for the new platform after the early-bird pre-sale, as well as prices for the accessories, are still unknown.

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The Atari VCS will run on a open Linux OS with user interface customized for the TV, bringing a full PC experience. the device will not only feature an array of classic Atari 2600 games, but will allow users to play music, use streaming apps or do whatever they wish in terms of running third-party software. The console will feature a full range of popular retro games as well.

The first shipments of the Atari VCS are slated for Spring 2019.

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