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Combat flight sim Project Wingman gets fully funded in 16 hours

Project Wingman Kickstarter

The newest flight combat simulator has landed on Kickstarter. And Project Wingman is already incredibly well-received by fans of the genre.

The game has been funded so quickly that the team didn’t even get a chance to update backers on progress. It took a total of 16 hours according to developer RB-D2 to surpass the funding goal of £19,791. The campaign is currently sitting on £23,659 with 34 days to go.

Ace Combat fans will be i heaven with this game, it has all the trappings and gameplay quirks you love. The weird alternate-earth setting with familiar aircraft, but unfamiliar nations, plus a fair bit of sci-fi technology, which combine to make gameplay much more chaotic and interesting. Two of the three demo missions throw you into combat against aerial battleships bristling with anti-air missiles and gun emplacements. And the multi-phase combat is a joy to play. Having to fight your way through multiple layers of defenses before finally blasting the behemoth out of the sky is a great experience.

The game is also incredibly polished judging by these early missions.

Check out the Kickstarter promo trailer for Project Wingman below. According to estimates from the developer, the game should be feature complete and fully playable next year, in May 2019 specifically.

ou can grab the Project Wingman demo over on here,  and find the Kickstarter page here. £14 ($25 AU dollars) will get you a copy of the game when it’s finished.

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