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Rayman Legends is free this week on Epic Games Store

Epic Games Store

Ubisoft’s Rayman Legends is available for free on Epic Games Store from now until December 6. Next up for the free Epic game is Jotun: Valhalla Edition.

Rayman Legends is a pretty good game. By taking the iconic platformer into a new generation, it gave a needed rebirth to a classic franchise. The Rayman series is the brainchild of acclaimed game designer Michel Ancel. The 2013 rehash included cooperative play, which helped garner it much more positive reviews. Rayman had been running a bit slow in the sales department with previous games though, and Rayman Legends helped reset the clock so to speak, leading to a revival for the franchise in terms of public awareness.

Ubisoft made a pretty good game, leading to a smash-hit for sales figures. Rayman Legends outsold Originsapproaching one million units sold in three months. The latter of the two only sold 50,000 copies during its US release week.  Both games were considered solid in reviews though, so hardcore fans likely bought into both. Although the much better sales and reception of Rayman Legends likely led to it being chosen by Ubisoft for this publicity bit.

Rayman Legends offers a sizable cast of colorful characters, all thrown together in a chaotic and platforming-filled world. Each level offers both the nostalgic feel of classic platformers, while also often injecting new idea. One level might be a standard 2D-esque platformer design, while the next will introduce the need to work with gusty winds to propel Rayman and friends through a twisted and strange layout.

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Grab a copy of Rayman Legends for free this week, and save it for later in the holiday season.

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