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Fortnite bringing Avengers: Infinity War event to game soon

Fortnite Season Four

Remember that superhero theme teased in the leadup to Season Four in Fortnite? Well, now we know exactly how that release works and what it looks like. The latest event coming to the most popular Battle Royale game is themed around the massively popular Avengers: Infinity War film.

Staring tomorrow, the latest event will focus on Thanos’ efforts to complete the Infinity Gauntlet. The Infinity Gauntlet Limited Time Mashup event will drop the supervillain into Fortnite games alongside the typical 100 player setup. Players can find the Infinity Gauntlet and the artifact will allow them to temporarily become Thanos, while wielding extraordinary power.

And if you’re wondering why this event is being dropped now, we can find out directly fromAvengers: Infinity War co-directors Joe and Anthony Russo who revealed that they’re fans of Fortnite. Speaking to EW, the directors went directly to the Creative Director at Epic, Donald Mustard, to jump in headfirst.

“Over the past few months, while we were editing Infinity War, we’d take breaks to hop on and get in a few games. And then we started thinking, how cool would it be to have some kind of AvengersFortnite mashup? So we stalked Donald.”

Mustard also chipped in on the collaboration adding:

“Out of the blue, I get this call from Joe. And after a bit of geeking out over each other’s work, we start brainstorming these crazy ideas. It was really important that whatever we did, it had to be super authentic to both Fortnite and the Avengers: Infinity War, and something that fans of both would be excited about. About an hour later, we had the bones of this awesome idea for a limited time gameplay mode, and almost immediately our team got started.”

This new event kicks off tomorrow, Tuesday, 8 May.

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