How to become a Judge in BitLife

How to become a CEO in BItLife

There are so many different career options and life paths in CandyWriter’s mobile sim. BitLife has far too many options to cover in just this one guide, though. This is a pretty hard job to get, as it takes both good education and a solid amount of luck. There’s no real trick to getting there though, as a lot of stuff with this app is based on that luck. Getting to be a Judge in BitLife is a lot of work. You can find out how to get that career in the guide below.

How to become a Judge in BitLife

To become a judge in BitLife, follow these steps:

  • Go to Law School
  • Become a Lawyer or get any job in a Law Firm
  • Be a Lawyer (or any job in the field) for 30+ years
  • Apply to become a Judge (Magistrate)

You need to put a lot of time into getting this job. Getting through the education part is a slog. You need to go to Law School, and that means a graduate degree. This is a lot of college work, but it’s going to be worth it.

Once you graduate, you can head into the Occupation tab and go to Job Recruiter. You want to get a job at a Law Firm. You don’t have to become a lawyer, but it does appear to help this out.

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Once you’re in the law job, you need to put the effort in. The game requires that you put a few decades in to get the Judge position. You need to practice law for 30 years to get the job offer. Once you have gone through the Job Recruiter, just focus on putting time in at work. Keep putting the maximum effort into your career to get promotions over the years.

Once you put the time in, go back into the Occupation tab and look at the Jobs options. Eventually, you will see the Magistrate job. That’s the one you want. Apply for the job and you’re done, you’ve become a Judge in BitLife.

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