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Grinding Gear Games releases new details about Delve League

Path of Exile Delve League

GGG has released a massive new FAQ for Path of Exile 3.4, Delve League, and the new endless dungeon coming to the action RPG.

There’s a lot here, so let’s dive into the darkness.

The new Delve entrances will spawn in all maps beyond the first few levels, so they’re similar to Incursions in that regard.

Entering the Delve will put you into the Azurite Mine, following the Crawler. That Crawler is your only source of light, and going into the darkness can literally kill you. As GGG puts it, “You’re not escorting the Crawler, it’s escorting you.”. Also the Crawler will scale to your movement speed, so if your run slightly ahead, it can catch up.

Your main goal upon entering the mines is to collect two resources. Voltaxic Sulphite is gathered on the surface and upper levels, and it’s used to power the Crawler. The other resource is Azurite. You can then use this resource to upgrade your mining equipment (Sulphite capacity, darkness resistance, light radius) to offset the growing difficulty of deeper levels, as well as spend it on upgrades for Flares (capacity, radius, duration) and Dynamite (capacity, damage, radius). You can also directly buy more Flares, Dynamite to help with your delves. Also, these resources are tracked per character, and don’t take up inventory space, so need to waste inventory on this.

There are some other mechanical quirks of the system that have been cleared up as well. Minions and Totems will be immune to the degeneration effect of the darkness. Players can use a similar system to the Waypoints already in Path of Exile to return to previously run areas in the Delve to explore them more thoroughly as well. Masters and Uber Lab Trials will not spawn in the Delve in case you were wondering.

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One potential cool meta-game aspect with Delve League is that while the Mines are unique to each character, every depth has the same set of spawns. So Depth 10-20 can spawn specific League mechanics for example. And since this will be exponentially more difficult than old end-game mapping, I would expect plenty of video and written guides on Depth spawn mechanics and other related similarities.

There’s a lot more to this update, head over to the POE forums to check it out.

The Delve League is the next expansion coming to Path of Exile, and the new endless dungeon mechanic at the core of the this new Challenge League has a lot of people excited for September when the new update drops. The company also dropped a trailer for Delve League, and a bunch of new details.

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