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Here’s what we know about the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid

As the roadmap teased when it was revealed, a lot is changing when Destiny 2: Beyond Light releases this year. When is the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid release date? As far as we know, the new content will be coming out on November 10. There’s a big new addition as well, the brand new Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid.

If you’ve never been through a raid before, they’re the pinnacle of the endgame in Destiny 2. Expect a mix of puzzles and combat encounters all over the place. There will be a mix of wave-based adds and trash to deal with all while you’re dealing with new boss mechanics. Details are still murky, but expect guides on how to beat the raid to appear soon.

The raid is set to release at 10AM PST on November 21, 2020, 11 days after the launch of Beyond Light. The update will include the squish of the game’s content, of course, something many players seem divided on, as well as a new endgame raid. The expansion is putting a big focus on cooperation as Bungie works to make things more challenging while being less grindy. So with that in mind, let’s get down and dirty.

What to expect from the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid

What is the required power level?

Bungie has stated that the max Power Level cap for the final encounter in the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid is 1230. That leaves a little wiggle room for players, but it’s likely that 1200 will be a good baseline to aim for. You could probably take part if you’re a bit lower than that. but unless you happen to be very good at the game and able to complete content while making it much harder, going in with less than 1200 will be really tough.

Bungie has thrown an additional wrench into the works by enabling challenge mode as well. For the first day that the raid is live, Challenge mode will be active. During this period, all guardians’ power level will be hard-locked 20 Power Levels below the recommended Power Level of each encounter.  This makes the raid much harder than it needs to be. Artifact Powers will also be forced off during this period. So any super-OP interactions you’ve come up with won’t work for that first day.

Your power level around this time, if you focused hard on farming previous seasons, should be around 1100. Aim to get as close as you can to that make before rushing into the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid.

What preparations can I make?

Defensive buffs will be key based on your class choice. Builds should often aim for balance in raids, and it seems like the same will be true here. Having a balanced mix of all three classes, with an offensive and defensive focus between each class is never a bad plan. Hunters could be very good at dodging fire with the right build, like Way of the Pathfinder. Warlocks should be focused on mostly defensive and evasive builds, keep out of the way and support your team when they need you. Titans should be all tank, so that means going for something like Code of the Protector to keep in the fight and keep DPS up.

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Your weapon choice is a key part here. It’s hard to say what works best in a raid that isn’t out yet, but there are some recommendations depending on your playstyle. If your group prefers a slow and methodical approach to beating raids, go for a ranged attack plan with less focus on critical and more focus on steady DPS. Many of the better Exotics from Seasons of Arrivals will still be relevant during this raid.

Gnawing Hunger could be a pretty good choice to bring if you’re the kind of person that likes it. Dire Promise could be a good addon to your kit if you’re a good shot with it. Falling Guillotines with solid PvE setups could be very useful if you’re going up against a bunch of enemies getting in your face. We’ll know more once the update goes live.

Make sure to have your previous seasonal Artifact ready to go when the Challenge Mode debuff goes away. You don’t want to be stuck without it when the real rush begins. Keep your mod options open as well. Having nice defenses like anti-barrier ready to go is a huge help in any new content.

Destiny 2 Beyond Light

What kind of rewards are there?

The new weapons being added in the expansion will feature pretty highly I bet. The drop types have not been revealed, and I wouldn’t bank on too many clues from previous content. Previous raids have not always been consistent in the type of loot they drop. Garden of Salvation didn’t have a single heavy weapon drop during its run.

You will very much see new raid-based armor for every class though, so that’s nice. Expect it to offer a nice boost to your power level as you equip it and fine-tune your build around the new top-end meta.

If you do manage to beat the Challenge Mode, meaning you clear the raid in the first 24 hours, you and your team earn a special emblem as well. Beating the raid before the end of November unlocks a unique coupon code to purchase the Destiny 2: Beyond Light raid jacket. You can also earn the basic emblem for any completion after this point.

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