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New Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer shows off new weapons

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

The new trailer for Destiny 2: Beyond Light is here, showcasing a bunch of changes coming in the expansion. Rather than taking a deep dive on new content or pushing deeper into patch plans, this trailer focuses on one thing: loot.

Along with all this new gear though, the game is getting a huge rework. The entire experience from the first steps into space, all the way to the endgame grind, is getting some form of smoothing over. Bungie has put a lot of effort into making the game welcoming for new players, and there’s going to be a lot to handle with all the content in the game. Destiny 2: Beyond Light will make a lot of this much easier by adjusting the way gear is handed out and overall progression.

But not to be left out in the cold, older veterans are curious what new top-tier weapons and gear are coming, and Bungie has delivered. Check out the new trailer below.

First up is the weapons, which are all really freaking cool.

The Lament is a sparkly new sword complete with a unique look and sinister potential for damage and gore. Cloudstrike is a new Sniper that’s being added in the expansion. Sniper Rifles getting a bit of attention to hopefully increase their use in PvP is good.

Next is the incoming rebirth of a weapon that started as a Legendary reward at the end of the Destiny 1  campaign.  No Time to Explain is back and with a new set of Perks. The new version of the rifle has an ammo replenishment effect and some new looks too. No Time to Explain is available for those who pre-order Beyond Light with the season pass. Alternatively, it will become available for all Beyond Light users after Season 12.

The final Exotic weapon Bungie showcased for Beyond Light is Salvation’s Grip. Salvation’s Grip uses some icy effects to spawn Stasis crystals that freeze targets when you fire off grenades. You can even charge it to increase the amount of crystals that spawn when you fire it off. Grenade Launchers are getting a nice little resurgence here, hopefully, as they have been pushed away from use in many modes.

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New Exotic armor is also coming through, so those looking for defensive buffs are not out either. New Gauntlets and Helmets are also shown off for the new expansion. The trailer shows off several new pieces of kit being added in the expansion. The Destiny 2: Beyond Light trailer also showed off some really cool effects for the Exotics. Let’s talk a bit about them.

  • Icefall Mantle (Titan Gauntlets): The Titan’s Barricade is now a full Overshield Aura that absorbs tons of damage. Great for any team run.
  • Precious Scars (Titan Helmet): Adding a buff to those reviving downed teammates through tha new Overshield aura gives teams a solid second chance if something goes wrong.
  • Mask of Bakris (Hunter Helmet): Instead of the standard Marksman or Gambler’s Dodge, Mask of Bakris gives the Hunter a new shift ability that allows them to get out of the way much quicker.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light

  • Arthrys’s Embrace (Hunter Gauntlets): A big boost for melee damage as the knife gets a second ricochet hit. Using rapid precision hits receive increased damage and can stagger as well. If you’re going for precision builds, this can be a big buff.
  • Dawn Chorus (Warlock Helmet): The heat is on, as Daybreak projectiles will cause extra damage and apply a burn effect. A short-term melee buff is also applied during this burn.
  • Necrotic Grip (Warlock Gauntlets): Melee attacks with this equipped have a new DoT effect called Corruption. Corruption acts like a curse that spreads it’s toxic effects around to other enemies as it ticks down.

Bungie’s Destiny 2: Beyond Light expansion launches on November 10.

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