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When is the release date for Dragon Ball: The Breakers?

Dragon Ball: The Breakers Trailer

Dragon Ball games have been a goldmine of both terrible and amazing games over the years. Some efforts, especially from the PS1 era, have fallen pretty flat. Bandai Namco has done a good job, though, releasing some real bangers. The launch of story-driven fighters like DBZ Kakarot was a particular bright spot. Players loved that one, and they may well love the new one, Dragon Ball: The Breakers.

The game comes to use a joint effort between publisher Bandai Namco and developer Dimps. The gameplay itself seems pretty straightforward. Running through the story of DBZ is always fun for hardcore fans. And we see the beginning of the legendary Cell saga in the new trailer. The engine also makes the mood of the events look positively terrifying. But what was unexpected is to see Dragon Ball applied as a 5v1 asymmetrical multiplayer title.

Check out the trailer down below.

As for when Dragon Ball: The Breakers comes out, we’re not totally sure. The company behind the project didn’t say anything more than revealing the game would be out in 2022. This means we could be waiting an entire year before we see it in full. Players taking on the role of Cell is a new twist, but this being a big departure for the franchise is a risky move. Fans might not take to the new game.

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Bandai Namco did also state that the game will receive a closed beta test on PC “soon.”  By tapping into the success of titles like Dead by Daylight, we could see a niche breakout hit here. We will have to wait until launch to see how that shakes out.

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