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Battle for F4R2-Q HERO, BL., others vs PL Last Timer W/ Video


The final timer on the 4FR2-Q was the site of a major battle between PL and HERO.  The battle started over a combination of 4 PL SBUs and timers in the system.  HERO decided to split it’s forces and attack multiple SBUs and hold some in reserve.  As well as anchoring it’s primary subcaps on the main gate which PL was moving through.  Inf fact, HERO had the numerical advantage in terms of subcaps, which no doubt contributed to both being able to hold PL at bay to a degree, and the losses suffered.

The primary engagement away from the gate was at the SBUs.  Wherein PL laid a trap of sorts, and HERO walked right into it through sheer bad luck.  At least 2 Ragnarok titans flown by PL jumped in on the SBU ahead of the main PL force, and HERO responding by dumping dreads onto them.  While at the same time a second dread force was engaging the second SBU.

One bait titan was bumped away from the main force, and through a bad move, HERO jumped at 0km on the field, instead of onto the titan itself.  Meaning PL had time to organize around it and pump reps onto it to prolong the fight. HERO also accidentally landed on the titan that had not been bumped, and as a result, landed right in the middle of PL forces now coming on field.

HERO even dropped it’s own supercap at one point.  Which survived the engagement mostly due to insane amounts of reps from subcaps and other ships in the HERO fleets.  At one point, an entire fleet engaged a single Onyx pointing the super to help it evacuate the field.

PL took this opportunity to warp in the rest of their reserve forces to engage HERO dreads and subcaps.  This forced HERO to then evacuate the reserves it had been holding back, rather than committing them to the fight.  HERO had already taken down one SBU and moved that second force back to the station in system, so there was no point in staying once the other SBUs were downed.

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However, once the evacuation began and PL brought it’s full force of supercaps (estimated at more than 100) to bear, quite a few HERO and allied pilots went up in flames.  More than 400 ships and ~140 Billion ISKhad been destroyed once it was all over. Including the 25 dreads committed against the titan, and apparently all of the other HERO capitals left on field.

Above is both a still frame of the supercaps on grid DD’ing, and a collection of shots of the overall fight.

As PL clearly had little interest in taking the system, they mostly ignored the station coming out of timer.  The supers that PL put into play were clearly meant to act as an overwhelming show of force to end the fight before more alliances jumped in.  Possibly to encourage more fights in the future if HERO and friends can stomach another loss.  Although loss being slightly subjective as HERO did in fact hold the system and take out the SBUs.

So all in all, this may not have been a conflict which shook the entirety of New Eden, but it will be remembered as yet another time HERO was actually effective.

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