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Destiny 2: Beyond Light is leaving Xbox Game Pass on December 8

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Destiny 2 has managed to anger a lot of fans over the last few years. The sequel has made many missteps around balance and other issues, but the removal of content is a major sore sport for the fans.

Destiny 2: Beyond Light, the latest expansion for the game, followed in the wake of this uproar. When the Beyond Light expansion dropped last year, Bungie announced plans to sunset tons of gear and remove it from loot tables. This was part of a wider rebalancing of gear in the game—and players hated it—with Bungie removing it a short while later.

Bungie has been attempting to bring long-time players back since then. The game came to Xbox Game Pass to allow more new players to find it, a good move. Destiny 2 and all of its content, including Beyond Light, just debuted on Xbox Game Pass for PC last month, allowing more Microsoft fans than ever before to jump into the fight.

And with the upcoming Forsaken expansion, things were looking up. But with today’s announcement, Bungie has revealed that the console version of the expansion is soon to leave Game Pass. Destiny 2: Beyond Light will be leaving console Game Pass on December 8. You will lose access to certain content after this point, if you don’t shell out the cash for it. The loss of the expansion will mean that the Stasis subclass and related mechanics no longer work. You will still retain all previously dropped loot, but the newest story missions will also go away.

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So if you really want to get access to the content before it leaves, you have a single option. Xbox Game Pass subs get a discount, with the Beyond Light expansion costing $35.99 on the service. This will give you access past the date of removal on the 8th. Not the best solution, but it is what it is.

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