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Black Desert Online launches Archer class and teases Battle Royale mode

BDO Archer and Shadow Arena Revealed

Because of course they are, Kakao and Pearl Abyss are bringing a mode quite similar to the popular Battle Royale genre to Black Desert Online. The Korean MMORPG has been constantly changing and evolving over the years, and even though some players aren’t happy with all of the changes, things might just bet getting better.

Black Desert Online is looking to bring new players into the game with another new PvP mode, one styled after popular games like Fortnite, but which the developers stress is distinct from modes in similar games, which makes sense because Black Desert Online has a style all its own. This new mode will be called “Shadow Arena” and it will play in a manner that showcases exactly how cool PvP is in this game.

Players will spawn on a map with 49 other opponents, and each of their class and weapon choices will be randomized, so each start will be different from the last. And as you kill opponents, they’ll drop loot you can then use to increase the overall power of your character. Expect plenty of chaos and a lot of spell effects going off in this new mode. Seriously, BDO is a beautiful game, and PvP is wondrous to behold.

We’ve included the full reveal keynote down below, so check that out if you want to learn more. No word on a release date yet, but a release in South Korea will precede a wider Western release, as usual.

But that’s not all that was on show during the event for BDO this past week. The developers also revealed the 17th class in the game, the Archer. The class is releasing quite soon, on December 12th. And, to celebrate, a bonus EXP event will debut simultaneously and last the entire month of December.

During their keynote at a Festa Event in Amsterdam, Kakao executive producer Jae-Hee Kim was on hand to show off some new details about this powerful new ranged class. The Archer can specialize in either Crossbows or Greatbows, giving it lots of versatility in terms of both DPS and mobility. The new male Archer is quite a strong addition to the roster of in-game characters, and one fans have wanted for a while.

Now, it is important to note that the Archer is a worldwide release, which means the West is getting it at the exact same time as Asia.

Check out some gameplay footage of the Archer in action down below.


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